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Hand painted umbrellasGardeners often want their gardens to be enjoyed. This often means throwing a party on the hottest days of summer, when many of the brightest flowers are in full bloom. However, many of their guests simply want to beat the heat. Show off your garden by throwing a luau. These Hawaiian-themed get-togethers offer cool refreshments and celebrate the vibrant colors of summer. If you’re planning on having a luau, step it up a notch with some of these really great ways to enhance your party:

  • Say No to Plastic: Ditch those cheap plastic leis. If you have flowers that are in full bloom around the time of your party, create your own leis or garlands by gently sewing real flowers onto a string. This will bring a great level of realism and beautiful smells and will make your guests feel like they’re actually on vacation. Also, try to resist plastic and use real fabrics for tablecloths and other accessories.

  • Thatch umbrellasGet a Thatched Umbrella Cover: Another great way to make you feel like you’re at the beach is to order patio umbrella accessories that can enhance your luau look. Matched with tiki lights, patio umbrella accessories like a thatched umbrella cover will make your patio, deck, or outdoor space suddenly feel like the deck of a fine Hawaiian resort. Market umbrella accessories like these are often used in resorts and hotels, so if you want to turn your luau into a yearly tradition, definitely consider purchasing one of your own!

  • Decorate With Seashells: Remind your guests of the ocean by gathering up any collected oceanic memorabilia. Conchs, sand dollars, shells, and snail shells are great decorations, especially when used in combination with big, bright flowers such as lilies. An empty vase filled with sand or colored sand can also add a beautiful touch.

  • Get the Cuisine Right: Pineapple is a favorite food for Hawaiians, but so is Spam. Try to judge how authentic you want to be with your cuisine choices. Will you focus on more of the Japanese side or the American side? Or are you going way off the deep end with a delicious Caribbean flavor? Salads, sweet breads, and kebobs are a safe bet. Also, consider your drinks. Cocktails that would be good include a mai tai or a chi-chi.

  • Find Smooth Music and Lighting: These minor details are what makes the difference between a good luau and a great one. Take the time to find an authentic soundtrack. This may include some Elvis. If you plan on partying into the evening, throw up some strands of Christmas lights on neighboring trees or on the pole of your patio umbrella. Accessories like tiki torches can also help reduce bugs and provide lighting.

  • Play Luau Games: Find some fun things for children to do so that the adults have time to relax and talk. This could include just having a stick for limbo, setting aside Hula-Hoops, or playing ’Ulu Maika, an ancient Hawaiian game similar to bowling.

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