Garden Forever - Aluminum Umbrellas

Aluminum Patio UmbrellaGardening is a lot of hard work – research, patience, intuition, time, and elbow grease all factor into the results. How will you enjoy your garden once all of your work has paid off? By planning just a bit more, a gardener can turn their earthy canvas into an outdoor living room so that friends, neighbors, and relatives can enjoy all of this work. Outdoor furniture, tables, and chairs are a good start, but in order for them to be used, guests will need to be shielded from the sun.

An aluminum patio umbrella could be the finishing touch to an outdoor living space. It provides a beautiful accent, helpful shade, and cozy quality to a backyard retreat. Aluminum has high functionality, and is a lighter and more wind-resistant option than other materials such as wood. While shopping for aluminum market umbrellas, consider a variety of factors so that you can purchase a product that fits you and your style.

Things to Consider When Looking For an Aluminum Patio Umbrella:

  • Convenience – Outdoor umbrellas typically operate either with a pulley or crank system. If you want something easy to use, open, close, and put away, consider an aluminum market umbrella with a crank feature. Again, aluminum is light weight, so moving this type of umbrella a few times during the season should be no sweat.
  • Shade – How long will your living space be uncomfortably hot and bright during the summer? If your yard is only bright around high noon, a stationary umbrella could serve you well. For decks, high patios, or areas were there isn't a high tree line, an aluminum market umbrella with a tilt might be the best option to create shade. The tilt feature allows you to be able to shield your guests from afternoon or early evening sun.
  • Size – Consider the size of your umbrella compared to the size of your tables and chairs. Sometimes people make the simple mistake of only covering a table with shade, and not the surrounding chairs where guests are actually seated. Aluminum umbrellas typically range in sizes from 7.5 feet to 11 feet.
  • Color – A savvy gardener can have a lot of fun planning which color to buy. Consider what your garden will look like in full bloom, and either try to match the hues, or use a contrasting color to try and make the umbrella really “pop.” Replacement canvases are also available, should you want to change the canvas for the seasons.
  • Plant Needs – Perhaps you're not only interested in shade for your guests, but for some of your plants as well. If so, consider increasing the size or darkening the shade of the umbrella. Many plants require partial shade, so place the umbrella in a space that can be most useful. Shade gardens can be a beautiful addition to a space.
  • Evening Use – Are you planning on enjoying your backyard oasis on the warm summer evenings? You can create a magical feel by utilizing Christmas lights, mason jar candles, and a lighted aluminum patio umbrella. The soft amber glow that results from the lights can create a wonderful ambiance for evening parties.

Keep these things in mind and feel free to browse aluminum market umbrellas from MJJ Sales! We offer high-quality, affordable market umbrellas to businesses and consumers. We hope to hear from you soon. Also, for more gardening tips and advice, check out the MJJ Sales blog.