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The Top 5 Things Most Homeowners Forget To Do Before Winter

1. Cleaning Out The Gutters and Inspecting Your Roof

This is a common thing that most homeowners simply don’t like doing. It’s a lot of elbow grease, usually involving getting in there with a spatula and hosing down the clogged areas. Ice buildup can happen if gutters are not cleaned, and often, damage to a roof results. And while you’re up there, do a quick roof inspection to see if there are any odd, warped, or damaged areas. Another possible negative effect of leaking gutters is water damage along the side of a house, which can also cause major issues in the winter.

Grill Cover2. Winterizing Outdoor Equipment with Vinyl Covers

Protect and store any outside furniture you may have, and be sure to winterize your sprinkler system. Also, for equipment or furniture that cannot be stored, be sure to invest in vinyl covers that are sized properly to fit your item. There are patio heater covers, chimenea heater covers, fire pit covers, and BBQ covers available so that you can properly winterize. Many Americans fail to remember to use their BBQ covers, often dealing with problems further along the line and shortening the life of their grills. Unhook your propane tank, clean the grates, clean grease traps, and wrap the burner in plastic to avoid moisture buildup. Also, don’t forget to use fire pit covers and patio heater covers once the weather starts to really turn.

3. Replacing Your Air Filter and Checking the Furnace

This is quick and easy to do, but many people forget it. Air filters should be checked monthly and replaced frequently. Dirty filters can cause fires in extreme cases. Be prepared and make sure your air system is not impeded in any other way. Also, make sure that the furnace is operational — too often, professionals are overloaded with phone calls from homeowners when it’s already too late. To avoid getting stuck in the cold, test your system ahead of time to make sure everything is operational.

4. Reversing Your Ceiling Fans

This is an easy way to save money, but most people forget to do it! Reversing your ceiling fan so that it operates clockwise will push the warm air downward. This can lower your heating bill and make your living spaces more comfortable. Just remember to reverse your ceiling fan again come summer so that it will circulate the cold air again.

5. Collecting Supplies for Emergency Preparedness

It doesn’t really matter where you live in the U.S. these days; blizzards can happen almost anywhere. While a practiced Vermont resident may want to stock more supplies than a Dallas local, everyone should have a set of supplies and a plan for when their power goes out. Homes and cars should have blankets, candles, flashlights, a first aid kit, non-perishable food, water, a battery-operated radio, and salt, as well as other items. Also, homeowners should know how to turn off the water supply if necessary to avoid freezing pipes. A family should have a plan for when bad winter storms hit.

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