Garden Forever - Chair Covers

There are a lot of factors in play when designing a comfortable outdoor area. Gardeners often focus on the types of plants that will surround the area, but in order to be comfortable, guests at least need a comfortable patio chair. Cover your patio or deck in beautiful furniture, and you’ll be sure to create a more welcoming space. Consider the following questions when deciding to buy furniture for your outdoor living room:

What will you use it for?

Often, people assume that the “right” furniture to get will always be a table surrounded by chairs. Then, they choose the same style for the table and a matching seat or patio chair. Cover your bases by first deciding what you really want to do with the furniture. If you’re trying to create a relaxing environment, perhaps consider buying a chaise lounge or chairs paired with plush ottomans. If you want to host more parties and utilize the space for family gatherings, consider a table with chairs, but try to think about the size of your parties. On the other hand, if it’s more of a sit-and-talk kind of space, take your time in finding a plush, comfortable patio chair. Covers and cushions may not always be the best option, however, if your space is near a pool or a body of water and your guests will need to dry off before sitting down.

Patio Chair CoversWill it fit well in the space?

If you want oversized furniture for a small space, changes will need to be made so that guests can get up and down easily and comfortably. Of course, color and style are important, too. Gardeners should try to imagine what their garden will look like in full bloom and consider the different color options available. Imagine a matching or contrasting outdoor cushion. Cover furniture with different cushions for different seasons, or invest in neutral colors that can be used in multiple seasons. Also, consider what sort of decorations, outdoor cushion covers, or art pieces you can use to bring the style together.

What are the material options?

There are three major things to consider when it comes to the materials: the ease of cleaning, the durability, and the ease of storage. This both relates to the frame of the furniture and any outdoor cushions, covers, or fabrics. Be sure to take the time to investigate the best materials for your space. There are wicker, hardwood, aluminum, steel, plastic, and PCP pipe options available, and each option has pros and cons. Wicker is lighter but hard to clean at times, for example. For vinyl covers or cushions, be sure to invest in fabrics that are waterproof and resistant to fading.

Where will you store your outdoor furniture?

If a shed, garage, or outdoor space is available, you may have more options for materials available to you, though you may have to spend a great deal of time and energy moving chairs. For situations where no space is available, or for winters that are less harsh, store your furniture with vinyl covers. These can be purchased either at the time when you purchase your furniture or afterward. Also, it’s a good idea to store your cushions in a separate vinyl cover. If you have wooden outdoor furniture, it’s a good idea to cover your items regardless, even if they are stored indoors.

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