Garden Forever - Commercial Umbrellas

“Do you want to sit outside?” asks a hostess.

“No,” say 90% of the customers.

If you own an outdoor business space that a large percentage of guests are clearly trying hard to avoid despite optimal weather and obvious convenience, it’s clear that your space may need optimizing. This can save money in the long run, as you’ll be able to direct people toward a comfortable space and then save indoor spaces for more customers. If you need to utilize your outdoor space more, inspect your area to see if you can discover these common areas of discomfort. Address any of them that apply:

Bees and Other Flying Bugs

There are some areas that just can’t be saved in this regard. If you have a restaurant, hotel, or business amid a swampy marsh, guests will simply not want to sit outside. However, most restaurants only suffer from a few bees or bugs here and there. The best ways to take care of the occasional bee is to ensure that proper policies are in place. Make sure trash receptacles and garbage are not close to any dining areas. Ensure that table bussers clean off dirty tables outside faster than those inside, getting rid of sticky residues that bees love. Investigate to ensure that there are no hives on fences, overhangs, and windows, and have a routine inspection plan in place. Finally, candles and smoke help to ward off bugs, and they can also add great ambience at dusk.

A Bad Smell

If construction, city garbage, or some other source of stink is creeping into your area, let your local government know and ask if there is something that can be done that won’t continue to deter your customers. More often than not, a local city or town government does not want to see a small or medium-sized business fail and will be accommodating. Of course, you’ll want to be sure that the stench is not coming from your own trash receptacles or property before negotiating. Also, you can produce nice smells on your own property with scented candles, sprays, or live flowers. Fill a used pallet with flowers or fresh herbs, and a great smell can result. Of course, try not to undo the work that you’ve done by attracting bees, and be cautious of where you put your sources of good smells. Try the herb feverfew or another type of plant that smells nice and actually deters bees.

Direct Sunlight

Commercial UmbrellaDirect sunlight is incredibly uncomfortable for guests. It can be too bright to see a menu or too hot to sit still, and too much radiation can really harm a guest’s skin. Consider purchasing commercial umbrellas that can create comfortable shade. While being useful, it can also heighten the design and color of a space. It could also help to advertise your business if you design a commercial umbrella with a logo. Try to find the best ways to shield your guests from excess UV radiation.

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