Garden Forever
The Holistic Garden

Creating Spaces for Health and Healing

by Karen York

Photographs by Paddy Wales

Every gardener knows from experience how therapeutic gardening really is. We dig for hours and feel rejuvenated even while we are tired and dirty.

Karen York's background as a certified horticulturist, botanical editor and writer, as well as her on-going training in horticultural therapy, provides the basis of knowledge for this well written book on the healing aspect of gardening.

There are chapters on organic gardening, herbs, the importance of trees, water in the garden, naturalization, growing good food, gardening for the senses, and rooftop gardening. The final chapter, The Healthy Gardener, emphasizes the therapeutic effect of gardening as a stress reliever, a way to work through grief, to improve physical and mental health.

Throughout the book, she emphasizes the message that at the same time that we nuture the landscape we nourish ourselves.

"Whatever form it takes, the healing garden affords us the opportunity to gaze inward and outward in an intimate communion that renews us physically, emotionally and psychologically. By gaining a deeper understanding of nature's infinitely wondrous workings, we can draw on that healing power to restore balance and harmony in ourselves and to the earth." (pg. 15)

This is a book that offers something for everyone interested gardening. The Holistic Garden will become an important resource for health care practitioners who use gardening as therapy for their patients. At the same time the home gardener is provided with practical information and advise that will help them build their own garden sanctuary.

8.5" x 8.5". 168 pages. Full colour photographs throughout. Paperback. 2001

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