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As we find books on the market that help us all garden forever, we will review them here. We've started with one on dealing with allergies in the garden and another that takes a lighter look at gardening. Enjoy!

leafAllergy-Free Gardening
by Thomas Leo Ogren, reviewed by Dr. Daniel E. Krieger
This important book allergy-ranks thousands of plants and includes zone maps, illustrations and lots of tips of cultural things to help reduce pollen and spores in the garden.

leafA Garden of Love & Healing Living Tributes to Those We Have Loved and Lost
by Marsha Olson, MA
"It is my hope that this book will help those who are suffering from loss and find a sense of connection to the greater power that infuses all life and to experience a profound healing beyond that of just 'getting back to normal. In a garden of love and healing, we can come to understand the paradox that, while we are of the earth, we are also part of something much, much larger." —Marsha Olson, author
leaf Diary of a Mad Gardener
by David Hobson, reviewed by Beverley Mitchell

Gardening is sometimes such a serious business but David Hobson shows the lighter side and helps us laugh at the often obsessive behaviour that gardeners exhibit.

leaf GRACE FROM THE GARDEN Changing the World One Garden at a Time
By Debra Landwehr Engle
Gardens are gifts that are shared between gardeners and their communities. Engle shares her visions and that of twenty other gardeners across the country, who were inspired to use their gardens for a greater purpose.

leafThe Holistic Garden
Creating Spaces for Health and Healing
by Karen York
Photographs by Paddy Waes
Karen York's background as a certified horticulturist, botanical editor and writer, as well as her on-going training in horticultural therapy, provides the basis of knowledge for this well written book on the healing aspect of gardening.

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