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Garden supplies include the tools which are used for leveling and digging soil, cleaning the garden, leveling hedges, designing the landscape of the garden, and leveling the lawn of the garden. Most gardeners keep shovels, forks, diggers, rakes, and trowels in their tool set. Some heavy tools used in gardens are aerators, wheel cultivators, and grass shears. Serious gardeners require not only the small-sized lightweight tools but also heavy-duty tools, which can help them maintain their beautiful garden. Letís look at landscape supplies in more detail:

Pruning shears are used for cutting branches and landscaping. Hedge shears are used for designing the shapes of hedges and boundary. Shears come with two-handed loppers which are large. The sharp knives of the shears can be used to cut heavy branches and shrubs.
Lawn Aerator
Another essential item in gardening supplies is the lawn aerator. It can be used to control the lawn thatch and reduce soil compaction. The lawn aerator improves aeration in the soil so that water can enter to irrigate the soil. Some lawn aerators have spikes that make holes in the soil and core aerator can pull out the soil to make hollow tines.
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Lawn Mower
All serious gardeners must have a lawn mower in their garden supply. A lawn mower has a set of rotating blades which is fixed to a vertical or horizontal axis to produce a rotating motion. Manual mowers are considered small and they have to be operated by humans. Large mowers which are used in golf courses and designer parks are sometimes fixed to small tractors.
  • Home Depot: Good number of lawn mowers for sale.
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Lawn Sweeper
There are many different types of lawn sweepers. These garden supplies are used as gardening tools to remove debris such as fallen leaves and grass. The push lawn sweeper resembles the manual lawn mower. Powered lawn sweepers use brush mechanism to clean the garden. In large gardens, tow lawn sweepers are towed by a vehicle. Garden vacuum and leaf blowers serve the same purpose but the mechanism is different from the usual lawn sweepers.
  • Walmart: Offers the 38-inch lawn sweeper by Precision.
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  • Agri-Fab: Produces the best lawn sweepers in the market.
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  • John Deere: For large gardens, this is the lawn sweeper to get.
Wheel Cultivator
The wheel cultivator is a great addition to your garden supply which is used to aerate the soil. Similar to a chisel plow, itís used for weed control. The wheel cultivator can be found in most residential gardens. It provides tillage of primary and secondary level, and it can also be used for the purpose of plowing and harrowing. The rotary tiller resembles the wheel cultivator but itís a motorized cultivator with rotating blades.
There are also other landscape supplies which are used for various gardening purposes. Sprinklers are used to provide water to the plants and they are also used as a cooling system to reduce airborne infections to plants. The sprinkler has a pipe, control equipment, and plumbing part. Itís fitted with open valves to provide water to the garden. Some of the other power-driven garden tools are chainsaws, garden shredders and chippers. Here are some links with information on these gardening supplies.


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