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Building a Shed: Shed Plans, Shed Kits, Storage Shed Plans and Kits

Storage sheds are mostly used to store gardening equipment and tools, such as lawn mowers, lawn aerators, trimmers, pruners, spades, and so on. Some of the items which are stored in a shed are not suitable to be kept in home, such as vehicle batteries, pesticides, gasoline, and other dangerous items. While sheds are readily available, building a shed is quite easy. If you want a specialized shed, you should seriously consider building your own shed.
You should plan your shed according on your requirements. To do this, you will need to find shed plans. There are different plans for garden sheds, boat sheds, bike sheds, agricultural sheds or other types of sheds. The layout and design for each type of shed is different so itís important to know what kind of shed you will be building.
Itís very easy to build a shed with shed kits. These are premade models with all the parts, so you just have to assemble the shed according to the step-by-step instruction manual. The sheds are made of different materials, such as plastic, metal, or wood. You should opt for the material which best suits your needs. In some storage shed kits, the plans can even be modified to fit your garden or plot.
Metal sheds are available in aluminum and steel options. These sheds provide long-term security against weather elements and pests. However, they can rust if the steel is not galvanized. Plastic sheds are made from PVC or polyethylene sheets. These sheds are UV resistant and they provide durability and secure storage. Wooden sheds are well-known for their natural beauty, but they can be very expensive, depending on the type of wood. The disadvantage is that wooden sheds are vulnerable to pest attacks and deterioration. In general, wooden sheds require a higher level of maintenance in comparison to plastic or metal sheds. Wooden sheds are environmental friendly and there are many styles to fit any garden. Try searching for good quality painted wood kits.
If you want to build the shed from scratch, you should look for storage shed plans and choose the most appropriate design. Some people design their own shed but it requires some plan drawing skills. Firstly, decide the size of the shed, the floor, doors, windows, and attachments required in the shed. Itís also advisable to select the material for the shed because not everything can be done on all types of materials. Specify the purpose of the shed because you may want to add a study, a playroom or an office. Then, look for the materials required for the shed as well as all the necessary tools.
To build a wooden shed, you have cut the wood for the frames, the walls, roof sections, the floor, and exteriors. You may wish to add roof ventilation, work benches, tool holders, and shelves. Then, itís time to put all the materials together and construct the shed. This may take a few days to a few weeks depending on the size and complexity of the shed. The basic problem of DIY shed kits is that they donít offer as much flexibility and options as a shed which is designed and built by yourself. Of course, you would have to invest more time and energy into the venture but itís all worth it when the shed is complete and ready for use.
After you have built the shed, you have to make efforts to maintain it. The shed should be cleaned regularly. Always allow time for the shed to dry after cleaning. Keep items methodically in proper places to prevent damage to the items.
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