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Gardening hand tools resemble the tools used in horticulture and agriculture. Some of the gardening hand tools are spades, garden forks, pitchfork, hoes, ploughs, shovels, pruners, and ice choppers. Many hand tools have been replaced by electronic tools, but gardening hand tools are still preferred in residential gardening because they are easier to use and cheaper. Some of the commonly used gardening hand tools are listed below. Gardening is one of the most rewarding and stress-relieving hobbies. To be a good gardener, you need the right lawn and garden tools. The most common garden tool set includes: shovels, rakes, spades, diggers, and trowels. Gardening tools can be power or hand driven. Manual tools are easy to use and they can be bought at lower prices in comparison to power-driven tools. Garden tools can be made up of wood, metal, or plastics. Letís look at some of the essential gardening equipment.

The spade is used for digging and collecting soil. Usually made of metal and wood, this garden tool can be used to loosen the ground and provide aeration to the soil. The blade at the bottom can even break stones and sometimes the blade is designed in curved shapes which makes it multifunctional. The handle end can be cross-shaped or T-shaped. Some of the new types of spades are made from plastic which makes them lighter and easier to handle.
Garden Hoe
The gardening hoe is a gardening tool which is used to remove weeds and soil. It can also be used to make furrows and dig the soil. The hoe can be differently shaped so it has a number of other functions. However, its sweeping motion is not considered to be most suitable for moving soil. It has a sharp metal on the tip of the tool, which is used for weeding and loosening soil.
One of the most common garden tools is the pitchfork. It can be described as a long handle with prongs. Gardeners can use it to lift the loose material such as leaves or dung. Usually, itís made up of steel with a wooden handle.
The fork is a digging tool used for lifting soil. Itís different from the pitchfork because it has a shorter handle. Pitch fork is used for lifting and moving piled up material but the garden fork is usually used for lifting grass or soil. The design of the fork is a bit thicker and flatter, and the spokes are closely spaced.
The hand rake can be made of steel, bamboo or plastic. In earlier times, this garden tool was made of wood or iron. Itís used for collecting leaves or grass. The rake can also be used for weeding, loosening soil, removing dead grass from lawn, leveling the ground or for building harrow on the ground.
Pruning Shears
There are two types of shears which can be used in garden: pruning shears and grass shears. Hand pruners are used to cut branches of trees or shrubs. They have a sharp knife-like structure, and the loppers are large, resembling a pair of scissors.
Grass Shears
Grass shears are longer than pruning shears. They are usually used for cutting long grass. Grass shears can made with two types of blades: horizontal or vertical. Vertical blades are great for trimming the lawn and horizontal blades are used to remove grasses which are not cut by the lawn mower.
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Lawn Mower
Another of the many lawn and garden tools is the lawn mower. Used for leveling the grass, it contains blades which move in a rotating motion. Depending on the type, the blades can move vertically or horizontally. Lawn mowers can be power-driven with gasoline or electricity or hand driven.
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The aerator is a tool used to aerate the soil. The mechanism of aeration improves drainage in the soil which encourages the growth of worms, microfauna, and microflora. These organisms need oxygen to grow and in return, they help the plants to grow well. There are solid wedge-shaped aerators or core aerators.
Hedge Trimmer
The hedge trimmer is a necessary piece gardening equipment used for trimming hedges. They can be power driven or hand driven. A motorized hedge trimmer helps the gardener get the job done faster and better in comparison to a manual trimmer. On the other hand, the manual hedge trimmer is cheaper and more environmental friendly. It also provides a good workout.
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