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Garden Hand Tools and Gardening Hand Tools

Gardening hand tools resemble the tools used in horticulture and agriculture. Some of the gardening hand tools are spades, garden forks, pitchfork, hoes, ploughs, shovels, pruners, and ice choppers. Many hand tools have been replaced by electronic tools, but gardening hand tools are still preferred in residential gardening because they are easier to use and cheaper. Some of the commonly used gardening hand tools are listed below.

Shovels are used for digging and gathering dirt, leaves, soil or snow. Used in almost every garden, itís a multiple purpose tool which is great for gardening. Sometimes, a spade is used in place of a shovel. The spade is a small-sized shovel which can be used to dig soil very easily. The difference between shovels and spades are shovels are mostly broad at the bottom, but spades can be pointed at the bottom of the digging tool.
Pruning Shears
Pruners are another common garden hand tool. There are basically three types: ratchet, anvil, and bypass. These tools have different designs and they can be used to cut branches and leaves of trees, plants, and shrubs. Pruning shears are also used to level hedges and create designer hedges. There are some shears which are called grass shears and they are used to level or cut grass.
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Another type of gardening hand tools is the hoe. Itís used for weeding and digging soil. The hoe has a long and straight metallic or wooden broom-like stick which has a square blade at the end. The height of a hoe can be 4 to 5 feet. It is generally used for making narrow furrows and to pile up soil. The blades can be designed differently to suit the needs of the gardener. This multi functional tool has a delta shaped blade.
A rake is a toothed bar which is fixed on a long handle. The rake is used to collect leaves and grass. Itís used to loosen soil and it can also be used for weeding. The rake is very useful in collecting dry grass. Most rakes are made of steel but some rakes are made of plastic or bamboo. Power driven rakes with rotating bars are available at stores, but hand rakes are still in use in many gardens.
Lawn aerators are hand tools which are used to aerate soil and help grass to grow. An aerator can be used to improve soil drainage and encourage the breeding of soil worms which increases the fertility of soil. It can also be used to reduce lawn compaction and control lawn thatch. There are two types of aerators: piker or core aerator. In big gardens, powered aerator is sometimes used but manual aerator has not disappeared from residential gardens completely. The manual aerator allows selective aeration and it costs less than powered aerators.
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