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Lawn Edger: Electric Lawn Edger and Other Lawn Edgers

The lawn edger is a gardening tool used to cut the borders of a lawn to provide a well-defined shape. The edger helps to create a clear separation between the lawn and the concrete path or the paved surface. There are many different types of lawn edgers available on the market today. Some resemble manual trimmers and some are designed specifically for large gardens.
A lawn edger is mainly used for designing the lawn. The manual lawn edger is made with a broad hemispherical blade on one end. The blade is attached to a wooden or metallic rod. Itís used to cut grass and design the shape of the lawn. A lawn edger also helps to keep the lawn clean and beautiful.
Lawn edgers can be manual, two-stroke gasoline motor driven device or electric motor running device. The manual edger has a broad hemispherical blade, which is driven along the hard surface of the lawn. The blade of the edger is usually made of cast steel. A power-driven lawn edger has rotating wheels or thrashing wheels. A gasoline run lawn edger has an engine, pulleys, blades, and belt tensioners. It also has a robot head used to adjust the pitch of the edger between vertical and horizontal surface. The electric lawn edger can be connected to the power outlet by a long cord, which is connected to a rechargeable battery. Compared to manual lawn edgers, power-driven lawn edgers are shorter and they have a spinning cord. The shaft driven system is also used in some lawn edgers, but it has lower engine power. Some lawn edgers are belt driven in which the belt skips over solid objects.
Before buying a lawn edger, consumers should first define the requirements and budget. Do you need a manual or power-driven lawn edger? Determine if the lawn edger is to be used on a small or a big garden. There are lightweight or heavy models. Itís a good idea to select the device with a more powerful engine. The engine can be 4 cycle with separate sections for oil or gasoline. It delivers a predefined maximum horsepower. Compare the horsepower of various brands to determine the one, which will deliver the best results.
Select the model type and blade which suits your needs. Consumers can opt for the model that comes with angle adjustment to suit many different types of lawns. Some lawn edgers have two handles and three wheels. These are very easy to use, lightweight, and easy to store or transport. Some models come with self sharpening options where the blades can be sharpened very easily. Finally, look out for security options, quality, and discounts to reach the ultimate decision.
Here are some of the places to find the best lawn edgers:
  • NexTag: Come here to compare and shop for lawn edgers.
  • Tanaka: Top manufacturer of landscaping equipment including lawn edgers.
  • Little Wonder: They have been producing professional lawn equipment since 1922.
  • STIHL: Offers occasional use and professional use lawn edgers.
  • Troy-Bilt: Check out their portable lawn edger and triple blade lawn edger.
  • Lawn Edgers & Trimmers: The article gives an overview of these machines.
  • Shindaiwa: One of the top producers of lawn edgers.
  • Victa: Take a look at the Tornado Trimmer, the Razor Brushcutter, and the Envirotrimmer.
  • Victa: Take a look at the Tornado Trimmer, the Razor Brushcutter, and the Envirotrimmer.
  • Echo: The top producer of landscaping equipment also has a range of power lawn edgers.
  • Power Trim: Provides a range of affordable lawn edgers.
  • Whipper Clipper: Manufactures lawn edgers for home and professional use.
  • Green Garden Tools: Offers some eco-powered lawn edgers.
  • Sears: Get the best lawn edgers at bargain prices.
  • Amazon: Offers a number of high quality lawn edgers.
  • Acacia Mower Center: Provides the Atom and Ariens lawn edgers.
  • Rocket: Come here to find lawn edgers that look and work well.
  • Classic Lawns: The store has some petrol lawn edgers.


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