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Sunflowers Canvas by Canvas Art
Canvas by Canvas

leaf Canvas by Canvas is a group of 11 Texas artists who share a love of painting and have a unique friendship. They formed after first meeting and painting together for over ten years at the Upstairs Gallery in Arlington, Texas . They have traveled together and celebrated everything (even a clean studio)! Their individual painting styles are as different as their signatures but they unite their painting voices to produce dramatic fine art. Held together by email and regular meetings, in a loose association, they share a love of learning, discovery, excitement and the joy in living, looking and observing.

Each of the Canvas by Canvas paintings is the combined work of nine of the eleven group members. Each ten-inch square is painted independently of the others.

The charm of the finished painting lies in the individuality of style found in each section of the painting. Every one of the nine canvas panels is discreetly initialed by the artist who painted it and the whole piece is signed with the Canvas by Canvas group signature

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