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About Us

Hello and welcome to the Martin Family’s sustainable world! We are a group of relatives who are dedicated to the preservation and conservation of our magnificent world. We pride ourselves on maintaining a healthy and ecological lifestyle in every aspect of our lives. The Martin family has three generations of environmental loving people all led by me. My name is Charice Martin, and I’m known as “the boss.”

Our green lifestyle didn’t always exist if you can believe it. Back when I first married my husband Dan “the muscle,” we were some of the most wasteful, negligent people I had ever seen. We never recycled, lights were kept on constantly and we would run the water for minutes at a time. It wasn’t until our daughter Denise “the Diva” was born that we were faced with the realization of how dangerous and expensive living a wasteful lifestyle could be. It was then that I decided to launch the Martin Frugal-Family Green Initiative. My first step was to recruit the other members of my family to join in on the fun including my parents Diana and Jared “the grand pops,” whom now devote their time and efforts to teaching others about sustainability. A few years after starting our venture, my son Lucas “the brains” was born. Now at the tender age of 7, he has mastered the 3 R’s essential for an ecological lifestyle.


Recycling can be challenging, but once you find a groove, you’ll start to notice overall improvements in a number of different areas. For instance, instead of buying cardboard boxes of rice or boxed meals, we make our own. Buying seasonings and other food products in bulk can save you a great deal of money and reduce the amount of cardboard or waste that you are using. Other ways to be environmentally frugal is to use cloth towels instead of paper, buy groceries with canvas bags, and use glass milk bottles instead of plastic. If you must use plastic bottles or aluminum cans, be sure to recycle these at your nearest depository. When necessary, we take our bottles in to get a refund and give that extra money earned to a local charity. By doing this, you not only help the environment, but you get a rewarding feeling for making a difference as well!


Reducing simply means to use less of something, but this can be a difficult task for people to master. Making minor changes to everyday tasks such as turning down your heat whenever possible, choose walking or biking over driving from place to place, and creating compost piles for your waste can make significant differences. At the Martin household, we have a compost pile that we then use to fertilize our gardens where we proudly grow our own herbs, fruits and vegetables.


With a large family, reusing is something that can be easily achieved. To conserve our finances, our family shops at thrift stores and local dumps to find items that can be refurnished to fit into our home. Always remember that someone’s trash is another person’s treasure, and that is a motto the Martin family lives by each and every day. Reusing batteries, clothes, furniture or any other items that can be repurposed will save on funds and conserve the environment.

The Martin family strives to do everything we can to save our planet. After all, it’s where we live so we should take exceptional care of it, right? Saving our planet’s resources and saving money go hand in hand and we hope that by visiting our site, you’ll learn some helpful conservation tips and eventually get to experience all of the wonderful and rewarding benefits that can come from sustainable living.