Garden Forever - Replacement Canvas

Replacement CanvasAs you’re working on your backyard oasis, outdoor living room, patio, or deck, you’re probably considering updating many of the elements to make it more fashionable. Gardeners often focus on plants and landscaping when designing their backyard retreats, but there are some other ways that you could enhance your space. Use these outdoor decorating tips when re-imagining your getaway:

  • Introduce the Qualities of a Living Room: You could bring in outdoor rugs, tables, and wall art, making the space feel like a room without a ceiling. Consider looking for pieces of art that can withstand weather and color elements that won’t fade as easily. Also, consider introducing walls of plants to try and create more privacy for your “room.”

  • Replace Outdated Elements of Your Space: For example, if you have an umbrella that wards off the sun, consider buying a replacement canvas. This should especially be done if the umbrella is outdated, has faded, or is covered in mildew or mold. You could also extend the life of your piece by purchasing a Sunbrella replacement canvas. For patio umbrellas, consider buying something that lasts and won’t fade as quickly as the original. Old and outdated chairs could also be updated by either painting or replacing them.

  • Coordinate Colors: A savvy gardener can have a lot of fun thinking this through. Imagine what your garden or space will look like when everything is in full bloom. Will your garden be overwhelmed with pink in May? Consider purchasing wall art and replacement canvas for patio umbrellas that coordinate. You could choose a similar hue or neutral color that blends in or something contrasting that really makes it pop.

  • Consider Textures, Patterns, and Depth: Walking onto a beautiful patio should feel like walking into a painting, not a cartoon. Consider the textures of vases or driftwood and the richness of fabrics. Try to create a complex view. You could play with patterns as well. Soft, neutral stripes can be a great choice for a Sunbrella replacement canvas. For market umbrellas, one plain color can wash out or neutralize textures, so play with this balance.

  • Negotiate Light Sources: Guests of your outdoor space should not feel like they’re baking in the sun, and at night, you may want some light sources so that you can enjoy the warm summer evenings. It’s important to be able to both control shade and incorporate light. This is another reason why it’s important to get replacement canvas for patio umbrellas or some sort of shade to protect from UV radiation. At night, you can use candles, Mason jar lanterns, or Christmas lights to create warmth.

  • Reduce Noise: Fountains, water gardens, and water elements are important because they drown out street noise or loud neighbors. This is another reason to introduce more fabrics into your scene; rugs, cushions, and replacement canvas for market umbrellas can also help to reduce the effect of sound bouncing off of cement and tiles.

If you’re updating your living space, feel free to browse the wide selection of replacement canvas for market umbrellas at MJJ Sales. They have hundreds of color and size possibilities. If you need help measuring your umbrella, call Fred or Megan at 888-655-7253 today. For more gardening tips and advice, check out their blog!