Garden Forever - Sofa & Glider Covers

Don’t let the long daylight hours go to waste. Here are some ways to redecorate your porch so that you can get out there and enjoy the summer. These four tips can help you create a space that enables you to sit back and enjoy your porch, whether you’re designing it for the first time or re-envisioning it:

Glider Covers1. Replace Uncomfortable Chairs with a Patio Sofa: Cover your old outdoor sofa or loveseat with bright cushions or a weather-resistant throw. Plush, comfortable cushions can reinvent an old loveseat and add a spark of color. On the other hand, you could always simply replace pieces entirely, and you can get creative redesigning the look of your space. A rickety rocking chair could be replaced by an updated glider. Cover more space while seating more people: Sofas, loveseats, and gliders are often simply more comfortable than chairs, allowing you to curl up with a book or take a siesta. You could also add an ottoman to your porch so that you can put your feet up. You can purchase patio sofa covers or glider covers to keep you furniture protected against weather and the sun when you’re not using it.

2. Create Shade and Privacy: Throwing up light curtains, hanging re-purposed windows, or introducing climbing plants can help make a porch feel more personal and also reduce glare from the sun. While creating “walls” for your porch, for more privacy, you could also introduce water elements like fountains to reduce noise. Small porch fountains can be relatively inexpensive and easy to make. Clear vinyl covers can also enclose a space but often result in more heat.

3. Introduce More Plants: Pick some flowers and place them in a vase next to your patio sofa. Cover your railings with window-boxes full of herbs. Also, you could frame a staircase or path leading up to your porch with potted shrubs or flowers. Introducing plants has two benefits: You will generally feel more welcomed and relaxed, and in addition, they can force you to spend more time outside, as you’ll have to come out and water them sometime! If your porch is in a shady area, consider a shade garden. Moss terrariums, water gardens, or shade-loving plants could be enjoyed in your space.

4. Control Lighting: Who says you have to go inside at dusk? With candles, strings of Christmas lights, or hanging chandeliers, you can extend the time to sit out and enjoy your porch. Warm summer evenings can be enjoyed while sitting out and playing games. You could also get very creative with this — Mason jar candles or lanterns could create a rustic, magical feel, whereas an oversized hanging lantern could make the style more edgy. Also, with the addition of vinyl covers or some sort of enclosure, you could reflect more light and gain more privacy in the early evening hours for guests.

If you’re reinventing your porch, consider purchasing your patio sofa or glider covers from MJJ Sales. They have many different kinds of vinyl covers for your patio, porch, deck, or garden needs. Contact Fred or Megan at 888-655-7253 today!