Garden Forever - Stands

Get rid of your napkin-losing, chair-tipping, and umbrella-flying woes when you use these tips for reducing the wind in your yard or garden:

Step 1: Add Windbreaks

Many gardeners like to plan out their landscape so that it includes multiple areas of height. Organize your outdoor living area so that it is near high shrubs, trees, or shoots. If your area is in a wide, open area (which can feel like you’re in the middle of a prairie), adding a fence or tall garden feature may be the right choice. Vertical gardens, or lattices with wind-proof climbers like ivy, can be beautiful additions to your space and create a nice wall of privacy. Also, a classic, rustic fence can help without hindering the look or style of most gardens too much.

Umbrella StandStep 2: Use Heavy Materials

If your outdoor furniture is so light that the wind picks it up easily, it may be time to consider purchasing a heavy hardwood or metal alternative. In addition, if your sun umbrella readily lifts up off of the ground, consider replacing your patio umbrella stand with a more industry-used market umbrella stand. For a large patio umbrella, stands should not be any lighter than 20 pounds. Consider a market umbrella stand or base made of enameled steel or cast iron. You can choose a stand that matches your style or buy multiple stands and occasionally switch them based on the season. Also, heavier metal candle holders and décor may be a good choice.

Step 3: Be Sparing with Light Materials

When dining outside, try to avoid plastic silverware and paper plates. Depending on the amount of wind, real silverware, plates, bowls, grill utensils, and glasses may be the way to go. Thick cloth napkins with a heavy napkin ring can avoid a situation where your guests have to chase their napkins across the lawn. Also, tablecloths should be thicker and heavier than cotton, or they can be taped down underneath the table to ensure that they don’t fly away. You could also have an area where guests could hang flyaway clothing, bags, and items, like an old truck or a coat hanger in a less-windy area.

Step 4: Go With the Air Flow

When the wind just can’t be beatten, don’t fight it — glorify it! Make the wind a centerpiece of your outdoor living room. Wind chimes, moving fans, sculptures, and other wind-centric pieces of art can make a bold statement, acknowledging excessive wind and making good use of it. You could purchase wind chimes or make your own with old keys, silverware, driftwood, or shells. Make the base out of your old, less effective patio umbrella stand or out of the limbs of a neighboring tree. Kinetic sculptures are another great option and give homeowners a great opportunity to reuse and recycle!

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