Garden Forever - Wood Patio Umbrellas

When a gardener is focused on work, there's a lot to consider – from the pH level of the soil, to the correct amounts of water, to the necessary space that each seedling needs to properly grow. This hard work, elbow grease, and research can sometimes get in the way of something important – how the garden can be enjoyed! Too often, hard work pays off, and a garden is full and lush and ready to be viewed at the height of summer, but at that point it's too hot or too sunny for guests to linger in the flowery oasis. When designing a patio or garden space, don't forget to add a wood patio umbrella. This welcomed shade can enable your guests to sit comfortably outside and enjoy all of the hard work you put into your garden.

Goal 1: Creating Enough Shade

Wood Market UmbrellaThe shade of a classic wood market umbrella can feel as natural as a tree's shade. There are many different elements of shade to consider, however. First of all, think about whether your patio or garden space is only unbearably hot or uncomfortable at high noon, or if the sun persists well into the afternoon and evening. If your patio is not near a tree line, or if you're planning on guests sitting on a high deck, a wood market umbrella with a tilt might be the best choice. This enables you to turn the umbrella so it continues to shield family, friends, and neighbors well into the evening. The tilt feature combined with the rich wooden look can enhance any deck or outdoor space. The next thing to keep in mind is the size you'll require. Consider the size of your table or chairs – a common mistake is to buy an umbrella that covers a table but not the guests! You can find wood market umbrellas in sizes ranging from 5 feet to 11 feet.

Goal 2: Designing Your Patio

Why should a gardener choose wood? Patio umbrellas can bring together the elements of your landscaping and patio design. A more organic, wooden umbrella can create a relaxed look, and particularly looks beautiful amid a more forested landscape. For a wooden deck, titled patio, or graveled area, pay attention to the color of both the wooden pole and the thick canvas, and try to coordinate the look. On the other hand, you could mix and match colors and shapes to create more of a “pop.” To heighten the design of a circular or oblong patio, you could choose a small square wooden umbrella or a rectangular umbrella option. For an intensely forested or green area, you could choose a smooth ivory color to blend in, or you could choose a burnt orange and really make it jump out to the eye. This might take some intense planning, but consider the annuals and perennials you might be planting, and try to coordinate the colors of your patio highlights to what the flowers will look like in full bloom. For instance, the area might be green and forested now, but consider what the wood patio umbrella will look like contrasted against orange day lilies!

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