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Gardening for people of all ages, abilities and lifestyles. If I could have but one wish it would be to garden forever.

leafHorticulture Therapy - Create an Enabled Garden Practical tips and techniques by Joyce Schillen to continue a favorite activity such as gardening.
leafHorticulture Therapy Garden columnist, Jerry Filipski, describes the wonderful benefits of this new "growing" profession.
leafHorticulture Therapy: Cultivate your health with gardening Master gardener, Marion Owen, gives us tips for staying fit in the garden.
leaf The Aids Awareness Garden Carla Allen tells the story of a woman's garden planted for her brother.
leafLayering Bulbs How to maximize a small garden to get blooms from early spring through August.
leaf Hands in the Garden REACH for the Rainbow has developed a very successful gardening project at summer camps for children and adolescents with developmental delays and physical disabilities.
leafKids Take Time to Grow "Children with various disabilities find satisfaction and meaning in the magical transformation of seeds into snow peas ..." Nancy Wood, Art Therapist
leafQueen Anne's Lace More than just a pretty weed by Carla Allen
leafGardening for the Senses / The Sensual Garden How to plant gardens that stimulate taste, smell, touch, and hearing by Larry Caplan.
leafPublic Enemy Number One Humor in the garden. David Hobson takes a look at the lighter side of gardening.
leafGardening Tips for People with Impaired Vision Although French Impressionist painter Claude Monet "eventually lost most of his vision, he did not stop painting, nor did he ever lose his love of gardening". Larry Caplan
leafWatering Tricks If you plant them, you must water them. Ways to make watering easier on the gardener while still maintaining healthy plants by Lisa Erickson.
leafThe Evening Garden Inspiration for gardeners who work all day at home or in an office. Enjoy gardens that glow in the moonlight.
leafLoft Gardens For urban gardeners a look at how modern loft living combines with gardens in the sky on balconies and roof gardens.
leafHanging Moss Baskets Step-by-step guide on how to plant beautiful Victoria-style hanging moss baskets.
leafGardens, Plants and You - A Guide to BotanyA simple guide to botany, the science of plants.
leafGardener Resources: How To Care For An Apple Tree A great guide on how to take care of an apple tree.
leafGardener Education: Plants Toxic To Pets What plants to watch out for when you've got pets in the area.

"The love of gardening is a seed once sown never dies ..."
Gertrude Jekyll

Most gardeners want to continue to garden as long as they possibly can. Lifestyle changes, age, infirmity, work, financial circumstances all have an impact on how much or how well we can garden.

Garden Forever is a place to read about how other people manage to continue to garden. In articles about the soothing effect of gardening, gardens in the sky (roof top gardens), overcoming health problems, gardens that shine in the evening, programs that help people, children, the elderly, the physically challenged, plus practical tips and ideas, we'll explore and highlight ways to help us all Garden Forever.

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leaf Bobbing for Tomatoes! - How to Grow Juicy Tomatoes in Your Garden
leaf Gardening Herbs For All Ages
leaf A Garden for Everyone
leaf From Flowers to Flags: An Introductory Lesson to State Symbols
leaf Garden Invaders: A Guide to Identify and Rid your Garden of Plant Viruses
leaf Landscape Gardening Resource: Architecture, Themes and Terms
leaf The Cottage Garden
leaf Parent’s Resource Guide to Gardening With Children
leafAllergy-Free Wedding Flowers
Flowers that won’t make brides or their bridesmaids start sneezing and sniffling right in the middle of the wedding by Thomas Leo Ogren.

leafEnjoy Gardening at Any Age That first delicious spring day is a temptress, luring all avid gardeners out of their winter doldrums and calling them out to play. ... By Monday morning the stiffness sets in, aches and pains in long forgotten muscles remind them that they are not as fit as they used to be.
leafAsthma Friendly Gardens
Thomas Leo Ogren offers 12 tips to make your garden an asthma friendly place.
leafFirst Aid for Hanging Baskets
We started with such good intentions but with holidays and our busy lives, those beautiful hanging baskets we nurtured in the spring are starting to look pretty neglected. Jackie Carroll tells us how to revive a dried out hanging basket before it's too late.
leafGrow better, feel better, garden longer The author of The Holistic Garden, Creating Spaces for Health and Healing, Karen York, helps us understand why gardening is good for us and how to keep doing it.
leafHerbs: Fragrance, flavour and fun for container gardens "For a new adventure with your balcony or windowsill Eden, try planting an old-fashioned herb garden." by Mary Fran McQuade
leafJacksonville's Gardens of Peace "With a firm conviction that dreams are more powerful than fear, love more powerful than hate and peace more powerful than war, community members are gathering together to create "Gardens of Peace" in Jacksonville Florida." by Liz Peak
leafPruning Basics - Comfort First When it come time to prune, check out the latest and best methods to make it as painless as possible.
leafSpring Cleaning, Backyard Style. Seven time-saving tips to get your backyard ready for summer.
leafGardening, a way of life
Garden writer, Mary Fran McQuade, tells us how to continue to enjoy one of life's purist pleasures.

leafHow to plan a garden right
Things to consider when setting up a garden by David Kurshel

leafLandscaping to Eliminate Allergenic Mold Spores Thomas Leo Ogren, the author of Allergy-Free Gardening, tells us about things we can do in our gardens and landscapes to eliminate allergy-causing mold spores.
leafCreaking through my Garden Garden writer, Carol Wallace, on turning fifty starts to re-plan how she will continue gardening into her twightlight years.
leafGardening across the generations Ways for grandparents to enjoy gardening with busy young grandchildren. By Beverley Mitchell
leafAllergy-Free in The Rose Garden
"The most common allergen is pollen, and this we can largely control." By Thomas Leo Ogren

leafWhatchamacallits and Thingamajigs
Unusual names for common tools. By Carla Allen

leafSandy - A Golden Gardener
In memory of a golden gardening companion. By Beverley Mitchell

leafThe Wolfhound Wreath
A very special story that celebrates the joy of giving. By Carla Allen

leafDestined for Decorations
Fred & Sharon Randall use their gourds and natural materials to extend the short-lived beauty of autumn. By Carla Allen.

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leafSpringing into the gardening season – it's a stretch! Stretching tips from the Ontario Chiropractic Association.
leaf7 Steps to Happy Herb Growing
A balcony herb garden is rewarding and doesn't have to be a lot of work.

leafMy Aching Back Save your back from too much stress
leafTake it Easy Plan ahead to make gardening a little easier on your body.
leafWatering Containers Container gardens require special watering techniques
leafWeeding Tips Any plant that grows where you don't want it is a weed
leafBulbsYour table is ready Mr. Squirrel.
leafWeighty Matters Watch those extra pounds when planting containers
leafTools Don't blame your tools. Take good care of them.

leafHanging Moss Baskets Have beautiful baskets like the ones in Victoria, BC.
leafTips for people-friendly plantings Adapt your garden to your lifestyle.
leafPlanting Trees and Shrubs
Tips to make sure your plant investment continues to grow.

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Garden Forever: Ultimate Gardening Resource

We at Garden Forever have a great love for gardening that we want to share with every visitor to our website. The resources in this site were carefully created and compiled to bring out the gardener in every one of us. Come and discover the wonderful world of gardening in Garden Forever!

Gardening in General

There is more to gardening than meets the eye. To start, let us explain first what gardening is. In an article written by Mary Fran McQuade, that can be found on this website, she describes gardening as one of life’s purest pleasures. We certainly agree with her! Being the resource hub for information about gardening, we understand that it is not just a simple hobby. It is a way to showcase your creativity by decorating your garden and at the same time, encourages a healthy lifestyle. Garden Forever takes pride in promoting articles about gardening. Among the articles that can be found here are the soothing effects of gardening, overcoming health problems, gardens in the sky and many more. We also have different tips to offer like weeding tips, tips for people-friendly plantings, 7 steps to happy herb growing and much more. There are also helpful resources on garden tools, garden supplies and garden sheds. These resources are being provided to help you Garden Forever.

Garden Tools & Garden Supplies

Like a writer with his pen, gardeners need to have the right garden tool to make their work wonderful. If one is familiar with tools in horticulture and agriculture, they might be surprised by how gardening hand tools resemble them. Garden Forever provides a selection of articles about gardening supplies. To help you get familiarized, let’s take a peek at these garden supplies:

Aside from providing information about gardening hand tools and other garden supplies, we match each tool with relevant links for further information. We also have a feature on landscaping tools. In this feature, we discuss basic information on commercial landscaping and provide links to where to get commercial landscaping equipment. Whether you are looking for information on a simple garden tool or a commercial landscaping tool, we provide the resources just for you!

Garden Sheds

A dedicated gardener is likely to have a large selection of tools used for gardening. To keep garden tools and supplies in order, storage sheds can be used to organize and store all your gardening equipment without taking up space in your home. Among the types of outdoor storage shed that most of us are familiar of, there are actually different types of garden sheds. Each shed has its own distinct characteristics. Here is a brief overview of some of the types of sheds Garden Forever provides information on: Wooden sheds are the most popular among the types of garden sheds. The appeal for many is the beautiful natural appearance that one can customize to blend with the garden. Wooden sheds may also have a distinct aroma like cedar and pine which some people find pleasing. The downside is that it is more expensive than getting a plastic or wooden shed.
Plastic sheds are known for the value they provide for little money. Even though the price can be cheap, they are still more durable and can last longer than sheds of other materials. Plastic sheds are built to withstand harsh weather conditions. Another advantage is that they are very easy to assemble and disassemble so if you are moving, you can disassemble and assemble it at your new residence. However, for many one of the major disadvantages to plastic sheds is that they do not blend well as well with the environment as other outdoor storage shed options. The colors may also fade as time passes if the shed is not UV-protected. Metal garden sheds are usually made of aluminum, steel or iron. These metals are known to be very strong and durable. Compared to wooden or plastic sheds, it is easier to install a metal garden shed since you can just add screws to connect the roof and the walls. It is also the cheapest when compared to wooden or plastic shed. Unfortunately, a metal shed is more prone to corroding or rust.
Steel sheds are recommended for their high level of security and durability as compared with other types. They are not susceptible to pest, rodent and termite attacks. They are also less expensive than other types and can even be installed directly on the ground. However they also are not as aesthetically pleasing as wooden sheds.
To know more about these types of outdoor storage sheds, you can browse through the articles listed on the website. Each type has its own detailed article with accompanying links. We also have a useful article on building your own shed. These articles on garden sheds will truly help you decide on what type of shed material you will buy or make.
We hope that you will enjoy browsing the Garden Forever website. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We would gladly assist you with any inquiry you might have.

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